Inevitably it is going to happen. Maybe once or twice a year. Maybe more often...but there is that ever-so-not-fun...RUT. You know the feeling. Not as motivated (which is a nice way of putting it...). Staring at your gym shoes lying in the corner. Giving the bathroom scale the side eye. Moping around. Feeling the fitness routine ole [...]

25 Mar

How many women do you know who think nothing of getting up a few hours early to take a friend to the airport, or to help a kid with a special school project? How many women do you know who will drop everything to go help a friend for a few hours, but they don't [...]

When you go to set a new health or fitness goal, or get the news from your doctor that you're at risk of health issues, and you know you need to do something to get help to start exercising, the first question most people have is where can I go that'll actually like? Or better [...]

I know you've got some goals. You might have some fitness goals, some business goals, some personal goals, financial goals even perhaps? Most of us set goals and aspire to achievements in various aspects of our lives at different points in our lives. And I think that's great, I'm a big proponent of personal growth! [...]