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  • Strength Training & Core Trainer
  • ReFORM Studio

Cathy Green is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as the Owner of Reform Studio Personal Training. In the last three years, Cathy has left her job as an Environmental Chemical Analyst to fulfill her dream of helping others reach their Health and Fitness goals. Cathy is excelled in Biomechanics and applies her knowledge into each session, focusing on form and physical dexterity.

“I would say to anyone considering making a change to their health and fitness that you are a testimony when you live a fit and active lifestyle. You are saying without saying anything at all. People have noticed and approached me. I am living by example. It is never too late to start.

I am excited for this next journey, to be working for myself and others at the studio! I have put in long hours for a company, I am ready to do what it takes for me and mine. I am not afraid of hard work. I feel that I can inspire others with my changes and be a mentor.

I envision an atmosphere that is welcoming and not intimidating. There is a place for those to go and be accountable and empowered. To grow from the inside out. The studio is located in my hometown. I grew up there, it is home. I love how the area has grown and embraces everyone. I want the studio to continue to reflect the community and grow.” -Cathy

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Strengthing 95%
Cardio 88%
Nutritional Services 75%