28 Mar

Probably the hardest thing for me to do as a coach is when I have to put my Tough Love hat on and help people face the truth when they aren’t showing up to be successful. It’s a tough thing to have a frank conversation and directly address the limitations we impose on ourselves, specifically the excuses we allow ourselves to make that prevent us from keeping our commitments.

A friend of mine who is also in the coaching industry posted a great video the other week addressing this one concept. What she said was something I wanted to share with you because it resonated.

She said if we don’t make sacrifices for our goals, our goals become our sacrifice.

I want to say that again.

If you don’t make a sacrifice to achieve your goal or your dream, that dream then becomes the sacrifice that you make to stay the same.

It’s pretty powerful when you look at it that way isn’t it?

Now I know we all want to believe in moderation and balance and the ability to reach our health and fitness goals while still having a life. And that’s all still true.

But I think the problem comes in when we start making excuses and refusing to go outside of our comfort zone to actually achieve our goals and dreams. There’s a reason NO Excuses is success principle number three in our studio. Because you simply aren’t going to get where you want if you allow yourself to make them.

Part of the whole excuse conversation has to do with planning, but the majority of it is all what’s happening in that gray matter between your ears. And it is about sacrifice, not necessarily in a negative connotation about deprivation and regret, but as a matter of choice and priorities. It’s usually the little things.

Are you willing?!

Are you willing to sacrifice hitting the snooze twice to make it to a workout on time? Or are you going to sacrifice that workout for a few more minutes of sleep?

Are you going to sacrifice having that second and third glass of wine so that you can you feel at your best, tackle your day and make smart choices, or are you going to sacrifice your goal to be fit by your next birthday just so you could have two more glasses of shiraz since everyone else is?

Are you willing to sacrifice a little sweat and a little soreness during your workout to be able to wear that size smaller pants? Or are you sacrificing focus and desire and phoning it in during your session just so you don’t have to feel the discomfort of pushing yourself or getting gross and sweaty?

Everything is a choice. The excuses, the reasons, the things we tell ourselves all boil down to choices.

And if your dream or your goal isn’t important enough to you, it will become the sacrifice for the other things in your life that are comfortable, that are more fun, that aren’t as challenging.

The question I have for you today, what are you truly willing to change to get to where you want to go?

Who do you have to become to be the person that has achieved your goals?

Because if we never change, we’re gonna be in the same place in one year, in five years, and in 10 years. Is that where you want to be? Do you want to sacrifice your goals so that you can stay comfortable and stay the same?

Or are you willing to make the small changes, to put your dream first, and become the person who achieves those dreams in the process? The choice is yours.

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